Berlin beckons!

Berlin, a city steeped in history old and new, has undergone some dramatic changes since the fall of the famous Berlin Wall in 1989. Once a literal divide between the East and West, the capital of re-unified Germany has emerged as the very place that bridges the two together. At once a developing economic power and established cultural centre, Berlin still exhibits some of the uncertainty - and excitement - of a city still feeling for its full potential. Berlin may have flexed her wings in the 90s but you sense that, now those first dizzy flights of freedom are over, she's getting ready to soar higher on a second wind! If you fancy being part of the ride then you've come to the right place. At Berlin Life we are here to help you get around and enjoy our city, with information, breaking news, an introduction to the culture, as well as the best restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, and entertainment venues!

In many ways Berlin is the least German of the big German cities. There are no picture postcard town houses here, or quaint cobbled streets, or strapping men in lederhosen drinking huge jugs of beer and slapping their thighs. Rather Berlin is a modern cosmopolitan city, with a vibrant contemporary culture and nightlife scene. Here dilapidated buildings are reincarnated as avant garde art museums, wastelands are turned into funky beach bars and old power stations hide vast techno clubs... Berliners wouldn't have it any other way!

Whether you are already living in Berlin, or are planning a perfect vacation, we aim to be your number one guide for every aspect of life in the city. Of course Berlin is a vast metropolis (around 40km across - don't try walking it!), and we can't do it all alone! We always welcome your feedback and suggestions, so feel free to contact us at any time - or post a review of one of our featured places, and make use of that democratic right of ours, freedom of speech!

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